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In the category of stuffed animals, the most important and most popular are teddy bears. Each of us in our lives meets with them. They are cute, critious and everyone adores them. Send it to someone and perhaps attach delicious pralines today!


Teddy bears were derived from respect for the true bears at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in Germany and the United States. Since then, there has been an inevitable gift for our little ones. They are of different sizes, with large plush bears weighing up to 170cm, and smaller than 100cm or 55cm. The smallest, however, can be taken in the palm, as they measure about 20cm. Of the several large plush toys, they carry a touch of significance, since with them we want to emphasize and emphasize our great emotions. Despite the fact that some adults feel that, unlike softness and comfort, they do not carry anything else, this is certainly not true. You probably remember that you were wearing your favorite trickling with your time, or have you squeezed into the bigger one in bed. For the youngest, just researching and tactile tipping of the skinhead is certainly of great importance.