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Here you can find only selected drinks that mean something in this world. Aged wine, cognac, vodka and various champagne and sparkling wine. What is your private or business partner most likely to drink?

Love needs to be nurtured and needs some attention. Do not forget about tiny and beautiful little things, such as various gifts, pleasant words or modest unforeseen surprises. Send a large bunch of flowers and the business card. There must be something beautiful and special written. Next to the bouquet, let's have a nice bonboniera and a bottle of the best with champagne or sparkling wine. Send her your package to work so that all her colleagues will see it (this is important). Champagne is meant for drinking at home, when your chosen one is just waiting to see you and that she can check what happened to you. Our selection of wines offers gourmet pampering for friends, family or business partners. We selected only wines that are the best of the best: Movia, Simčič, Silveri, ... Cognac is made from wine, and only in one part of France, the province of Cognac. It is very popular, both for drinking in a pleasant company and for combining with food. Cognac is a symbol for special groups of people and drinking only this represents a very serious reputation among individuals. This proves its own good taste and prestige. Whiskey is a barley drink and other types of cereals with roots in Scotland and Ireland. Socializing with each of the listed distillates is a unique experience, so it is sometimes impossible to decide which one to spend the evening with. Vodka is the world's best-selling alcoholic beverage. Traditional ingredients of vodka are rye, barley, molasses or potatoes. The next basic ingredient of vodka is water (up to 60 percent). The old Polish proverb says: "The water of vodka brings life."