Shape of Love (forever roses)


Introducing “Shape of Love” – a timeless testament to romance, where passion takes the form of a cherished memory. Encased within a heart-shaped, jet-black presentation Bucket of Love are meticulously preserved red roses, meticulously selected to embody the depth of affection and enduring ardor. These roses undergo a meticulous preservation process, ensuring their scarlet allure and soft touch remain untouched by time.

“Shape of Love” beautifully marries the iconic red petals with the symbol of a heart, creating a visual ode to the essence of love itself. This arrangement is more than a gift; it’s a piece of art that encapsulates the warmth and tenderness shared between hearts. Whether as a declaration of love or an ornate centerpiece, these preserved roses transcend fleeting moments, embodying the everlasting nature of true affection. Embrace the eloquence of “Shape of Love,” where emotions blossom eternally.